Do you want to plan the perfect cruise? Buy the Cruise Traveler’s Handbook.


Gary Bembridge has always had a passion – travel.  His well established and popular website Tips for Travellers, covers stories and experiences of his journeys, especially by sea.

I share this love of cruising: the sheer luxury of unpacking once before setting off on an exciting itinerary, ports of call, ocean views, enriched by a sense of freedom and relaxing lifestyle on board.

Having recently circumnavigated the world by ship over four months, cruising really is the ultimate great escape.  

As Gary writes in his introduction, “ It satisfies my desire to keep going to new places … I look forward to pulling back the curtains to see what new delight is revealed. On a land based holiday, no matter how beautiful the view, I am always a little disappointed to find it is the same one I left the night before.”

Absolutely!  Why stay for two weeks in one hotel, when you can visit  ten Caribbean islands ?

Bembridge has now published “The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook” – subtitled, “How to find and enjoy unforgettable cruise vacations”.  

Primarily aimed at those who are wary of taking a cruise, it equally offers valuable information on the wide world of ships for even the most experienced, veteran cruisers.

Divided into neat, reader-friendly sections, it covers the facts and fallacies of a cruise holiday, extensive advice on planning a cruise to find the preferred size of ship, cultural lifestyle, standard of cabin and price structure to suit you.  Where in the world can you explore by ship, sail by yacht or meander slowly by river boat or canal barge?

A major part of a cruise holiday is Planning with a capital P.  Packing and Shore Excursions.

If you take the wrong clothes for the climate and destination, or miss out on the best sightseeing, wildlife spotting or snorkelling trip, then you won’t experience the perfect cruising adventure.

Under “Cruising Myths Dispelled”  virgin cruisers will have their doubts answered in a couple of pages. In a nutshell, cruises are for all ages (families with young children, honeymooners, 30, 40, 50+ couples, and senior citizens.).  You just have to select the best cruiseline to suit your age group and social  lifestyle, whether you wish to wear shorts and T shirt day and night, or dress up for black tie formal dinners.   

Bored on board?  Non cruisers often say they would feel stir crazy.  As explained in the Handbook, nothing is further from the truth, with full Day at Sea programmes of leisure options, lectures, fitness classes and spa treatments on offer on these floating hotels.  Alternatively relax and read on a lounger.  Do as little or as much as you wish.

Size matters: Small scale luxury versus floating Resort photo credit - Gary Bembridge

Size matters: Small scale luxury versus floating Resort
photo credit – Gary Bembridge

Under Cruising Options, Gary details the essential categories of Cruise lines. The mega Resort ships (up to 6,500 passengers), offer good value, family oriented, leisure cruises. Plus:  Broadway style shows, Kids’ clubs.  Minus: Queues and Fixed meal times/tables.

In contrast. the Small Boutique cruises – Ultra luxury, all inclusive fares for 250- 500 guests.  Plus:  House party ambience, small yacht-size ships.  Minus:  luxury at a cost.

There’s a comprehensive run down on the main Cruise lines from Carnival to Silversea as well as covering Adventure ships for Antarctic expeditions and tall Masted Schooners to experience traditional. graceful sailing.

And you don’t have to take a transatlantic voyage or sail around the Med. Take it easy on a slow, slow river cruise with a selection of boats and barges touring the grand rivers of Europe, Russia and China.

The chapters cover every aspect of a cruise from dealing with sea sickness and safety on board, selecting a suitable cabin, checking essential dress codes to budgeting well for a successful, good value trip.

Colour photographs illustrate a few of the writer’s favourite ships and ports of call while the Resources chapter helpfully lists a selection of other cruise books, magazines and review websites.

Written in an easy, inspiring manner, Gary Bembridge presents the ideal expert guide to Cruise Travel from packing your suitcase to disembarkation.  It blends both humorous anecdotes and serious advice on how to plan the perfect voyage.

“I love cruising and want everyone to try it at least once. I passionately believe there is a cruising option for everyone”.

The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook – Gary Bembridge.

Full Flight Press


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I am an international travel writer, specialising in luxury travel, hotels, restaurants, city guides, cruises, islands, train and literary-inspired journeys. I review dance and theatre, Arts Festivals and love the visual arts. I have just experienced an epic voyage, circumnavigating the globe, following in the wake of Captain Cook, Mark Twain and Robert Louis Stevenson.

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